Favorite Bean Soup Recipe Video

Cooking bean soup can provide your family with an inexpensive meal that is tasty and nutritious. Watch this video and follow the simple steps to make a hearty meal for all to enjoy.

"Build a Healthy Meal" is a series designed by the LSU AgCenter to help people of all abilities make good, healthy meals. It also teaches basic cooking tips and techniques. This particular program explains how to make Favorite Bean Soup.

So come on, let's build a healthy meal together!

Favorite Bean Soup Recipe


3 lbs. of dry beans (one choice should be black beans)*

1 - 2 lb. bag of carrots, sliced

3 stalks celery, chopped

1 - 2 large onions, chopped

2 - 28 oz. cans tomatoes

2 tablespoons chili powder**

2 tablespoons cumin**

2 tablespoons oregano

2 tablespoons dried cilantro**

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (or oil of your choice)

salt to taste


Sort through beans in a colander, discarding discolored and imperfect ones. Rinse well. In a large pot, heat 12 cups of water until boiling. Add beans and boil for 3 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and let soak for 1 hour.

(Beans may also be soaked in cold water overnight, no longer than 16 hours.)

Drain, (discard soak water in order to remove some of the sugars that cause flatulence), rinse beans and pot. Cover beans with fresh cold water; add salt if desired. Simmer until tender, about an hour, depending on freshness of beans.

While beans are cooking, prepare vegetables. Sauté carrots, celery and onions in the oil of your choosing.Add to cooked beans. Some beans may cook faster than others, so test each type for desired softness.

Add chili powder, cumin, cilantro and oregano.

Add tomatoes that have been pureed in food processor and simmer soup until carrots are tender.

You can also include chick peas, also known as garbanzo beans. They make the soup really creamy. These are the same beans used in hummus.

**You may want to double the amounts of these seasonings.

Behind the scenes: video shoot for Favorite Bean Soup Video

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Videographer Randy sets lighting and props to create a great shot. Karen Marie the Salubrious RD chops ingredients for the Favorite Bean Soup recipe.

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