LSU AgCenter Support for Faculty and Academic Staff Membership in Professional and Scientific Organizations

This is Policy Statement 44 (PS-44) which explains reimbursement of professional dues.


Faculty and academic staff of the LSU Agricultural Center are strongly encouraged to become members of professional and scientific organizations. There are significant professional and developmental benefits to attending and presenting at organization-sponsored conferences. Additionally, professional and scientific organizations stimulate exchange of new research discoveries and extension initiatives.


It is the intent of the LSU Agricultural Center to encourage all faculty and academic staff to become active members in professional or scientific organizations directly related to a faculty or staff member’s area of responsibility. With this goal in mind and with the approval of the appropriate unit head, all faculty and academic staff will be authorized to use up to $100 per year from their allocated unit fiscal year budget or allocated expense account to pay for membership in professional organizations. Grant funds may also be used for this purpose, with approval of the unit head, if not prohibited by the grant. The $100 per year restriction does not apply to grant funds.

This policy applies to any membership on or after January 1, 2005.

3/27/2018 4:20:39 PM
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