2019 Assumption Parish October 4-H Clover Chatter

Loretta Templet, Castro, Margo

Margo L. Castro -4-H Extension Agent
Assumption Parish LSU AgCenter
119 Robin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
(985) 369-6386

Important Dates:

October - 4-H Club meetings as per schedule
October 5 - 4-H Night with the Tigers
October 6-12 - National 4-H Week
October 15 - Jr. Leader Meeting
October 17 - Spook Night and Pumpkin Contest
November 9 - Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry & Sweet Potato Cookery
November 15 - Recycled Art Contest
November 20-21 - Challenge Camp

Family Spook Night – Everyone is invited

Thursday, October 17, 2019 – Everyone is invited
Place: 4-H AgCenter Facility, 119 Robin Street, Napoleonville
Time:6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $1.00 and we ask that everyone bring a bag of candy for trick or treating.

Spook night will consist of games, prizes, concessions, and more. Bring your trick or treat bags because there will be trick or treating at the close of Spook Night.

Family Spook Night is not just for 4-H’ers so bring a friend and enjoy the fun! We will have drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers, and nachos & cheese for sale.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The Pumpkin Decorating Contest will be held on Thursday, October 17, 2019, at the 4-H facility.
Registration will be held all day from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
All pumpkins must be registered for 6:00 p.m.
Doors will be closed at 6:00 p.m. and not open for late registrations.
This contest will be open to all 4-H’ers.

Real Pumpkins Must Be Used!

The categories are:

1) Funniest (humorous, amusing, causes laughter, etc.)

2) Prettiest/Cutest (nice looking, attractive, beautiful, etc.)

3) Scariest (fright, shock, alarming, etc.)

4) Unusual (odd, strange, rare, etc.)

5) Creative (imaginative, innovative, artistic, etc.)

6) Carved (engraved, cut, etc.)

Awards will be given to: Division winners per category and Overall Pumpkin.

Ribbons will be awarded to Blue, Red and White placing in each category:

Division I - 4th grade

Division II - 5th and 6th grade

Division III - 7th and 8th grade

Division IV - High School

Dear Parents, Members and Leaders,

I look forward to seeing everyone at Assumption 4-H Family Spook Night.
I encourage the whole family to come out and enjoy a night of fun.
Thanks for your continued support.

Margo L. Castro
4-H Extension Agent, Assumption Parish

Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry and Sweet Potato Cookery Contest

The Parish 4-H Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry and Sweet Potato Cookery Contests will be held on Saturday, November 9th, in the AgCenter Warehouse. Registration will be 8:00-9:00 a.m.


  • Only one dish may be exhibited in each cookery contest.
  • Dishes are to be brought in a disposable dish.
  • Dishes should contain servings enough for five-six samples.
  • A copy of the recipe for the entire dish with title of recipe at top. Place 4-H’ers initials and grade only on back of recipe for easy identification by the 4-H agent.Do Not write 4-H’ers name or school on recipe.
  • 4-H’ers do not stay for the judging. The dishes will be judged and ribbons will be distributed at the club meetings.

Ground Beef Cookery Contest:

4-H’ers will exhibit a prepared main dish using at least one pound of ground beef.

Please note: Ground Beef dish may be entered in only one of the three categories:

1. Low-Calorie Main Dish - a dish which provides less than 300 calories per serving.

2. Quick & Easy Main Dish - a dish that is ready to serve in less than one hour.

3. One Dish Meal - a dish that provides food from at least three of the main food groups.

* No appetizers unless it can be served with rice, noodles, bread or crackers.

* Soup is an entrée as long as it has ground beef.

Egg Cookery Contest:

●4-H’ers will exhibit a prepared egg dish using at least 4 eggs.

Please note: Egg dish may be entered in only one of the three categories:

1. Appetizers and Salads

2. Desserts

3. Main Dish

●Dishes with raw eggs in the final product will not be judged for food safety reasons (and will receive the lowest ribbon).

Example: raw eggs in dip or ice cream.

Poultry Cookery Contest:

Please note: Poultry dishes may be entered in only one of the three categories:

1. Chicken

2. Processed Poultry Products

3. Other Poultry Meat

Bring to the contest a prepared poultry dish.

It may be any:

  • Appetizer
  • Main dish
  • Salad
  • Snack
  • Soup

1. Chicken – a dish which contains a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in chicken or 1 pound deboned chicken meat.Contestants should purchase whole chicken or identifiable chicken parts, such as wings, thighs, legs or breasts.(This dish should not include special processed chicken, such as marinated chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken franks, smoked chicken, canned chicken, etc.) Chicken includes any of the following:

  • Baking Hen
  • Broiler
  • Capon
  • Cornish or Game Hen
  • Fryer
  • Roaster

2. Processed Poultry Products – a dish which includes a minimum of 12 ounces of processed (value-added) poultry products.Value-added poultry products are poultry meats which have undergone special processing.Marinated, breaded, seasoned and reformed products are examples of special processing techniques.Some product examples are listed below:

Special Note: All dishes containing any turkey item, (whole, part, or processed) should be entered into this division.

  • Canned Chicken
  • Chicken Franks
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Strips
  • Ground Chicken
  • Ground Turkey
  • Smoked Chicken
  • Smoked Turkey
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Turkey Ham
  • Turkey Rolls
  • Turkey Sausage

3. Other Poultry Meat – a dish which contains a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in or 1 pound deboned meat from a bird other than chickens or turkeys.You may choose poultry meat from any of the following:

  • Dove
  • Duck
  • Emu
  • Goose
  • Grouse
  • Guinea
  • Ostrich
  • Pheasant
  • Pigeon
  • Quail

Sweet Potato Cookery Contest:

Bring to the contest a prepared sweet potato dish.

Please note: Sweet Potato dishes may be entered in only one of two categories:

1. Dessert Dish

2. Any Other Sweet Potato Dish

Dish must contain a minimum of 1 cup fresh, frozen or canned sweet potatoes.

For food safety reasons, please remember to keep "Hot Foods" hot and "Cold Foods" cold.

LSU 4-H Night with the Tigers

LSU VS Utah State – October 5, 2019

All 4-H members, parents, volunteers, supporters, and alumni are invited to Tiger Stadium for 4-H Day.

Tickets range from $12 to $35 (inclusive of all fees and charges).

4-H will receive block seating that way you can experience the excitement together!

When you purchase, you’ll receive your very own referral link to share with your friends and family. Anyone that buys from your link will automatically be seated with you, if purchased by September 29th.

All fans will receive their tickets via email, 24 hours before the event.

Link to purchase tickets:


Recycled Art Contest Turn Your Trash Into Art!

Your entry must be made from used items that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled such as metals, paper, rubber, glass, plastics, or cloth to name a few.

Rules are:

1. Open to all 4-H Members.

2. All entries due to 4-H Office by November 15, 2019.

3. One entry per 4-H’er.

4. Projects should be 4-H’er created.

5. All entries must be labeled with 4-H’ers name, grade, and school.

Recycled Art Contest items are due at the November meetings or can be brought to the 4-H Office by November 15, 2019.

All items will be returned.

Ribbons of blue, red, and white will be awarded.

Champions in each category in each division will be awarded.

National School Lunch Week 2019

Nationally, the school lunch program serves more than 30 million students every school day. Every year during the month of October, we celebrate National School Lunch Week. This year the celebration will be during the week of October 14-18, 2019. National School Lunch Week was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 to promote the importance that a healthy school lunch has in a child’s life. Healthy meals are important for growing children. Using MyPlate as a model for serving, students get the foods that they need to grow and thrive in school. MyPlate promotes making half your plate fruits and vegetables, 1/4 lean protein, and the remaining ¼ whole grain. You should also add a reduced fat or fat free dairy product to complete your plate. Along with eating a healthful meal plan, students should also include at least 60 minutes of physical activity in their day. Always remember to eat right and exercise!

Robin B. Landry, Area Nutrition Agent
Assumption Parish, LSU AgCenter

The 4-H Club Pledge

I pledge--
my head to clearer thinking
my heart to greater loyalty
my hands to larger service and
my health to better living
for my club, my community, my country and my world.

2019-20 4-H Calendar of Events


Club Meetings as per schedule

54-H Night with the Tigers

6-12 National 4-H Week

8-9 Fall Break (School)

15 Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office

17 Pumpkin Decorating Contest, 4-H Office

17 Spook Night, 4-H Office

18 4-H Dues and Enrollment Cards Due


Club Meetings as per schedule

9 Ground Beef, Egg, Poultry & Sweet Potato Cookery, 4-H Office

15 Recycled Art Contest Items Due

20-21 Challenge Camp

25-29 Thanksgiving Holiday (School)

28-29 Thanksgiving Holiday (4-H Office)

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


Club Meetings as per schedule

7 Seafood, Rice, and Sugar Cookery, 4-H Office

7 Pet Show, 4-H Office

11 Ag Career Day

18 Beef Poster Due

20-Jan. 3 Christmas Holidays (School)

24-Jan. 1 Christmas Holidays (4-H Office)

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


Club meetings as per schedule

17 Dairy Poster Due

20 Martin Luther King Holiday (School & 4-H Office)

21 Duct Tape Contest Items Due

24-26 Fashion Camp

25 Parish Livestock Show

30-Feb 1 District Livestock Show

TBA Honey Bee Essay Contest Due

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


No Club Meetings

8-15 State Livestock Show

14 Character Education Posters Due

24-26 Mardi Gras Holiday (School)

25 Mardi Gras Holiday (4-H Office)

28 4-H Night with the Pelicans

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


Club Meetings as per schedule

Demonstration Days-at Club Meetings

7 State Rabbit Show

13-15 Jr. Leadership Conference

17-22 Southern Regional Shooting Sports Match (West Baton Rouge)

26-27 Ag Day

27 Sew with Cotton Garments Due

TBA Food & Fitness Camp

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


No Club Meetings

10 Easter Holiday (4-H Office)

10-17 Easter Holiday (School)

14-19 State Shooting Sports Match

20 Project/Record Books/Activity Guides Due

TBA 4-H Area Cookery

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


Club Meetings as per schedule

TBA 4-H Awards Banquet

TBA 4-H Day at the Capitol

TBA Garden Contest Entries Due

TBA Jr. Leader Meeting, 4-H Office


23-26 4-H University

30-July 2 District Horse Show


3 Holiday (4-H Office)

26-29 Lost Camp


TBA 4-H Camp, Camp Grant Walker

TBA Jr. Leader Awards Trip

TBA State Horse Show

*TBA – To Be Announced

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age or disability.

If you have a disability which requires special assistance for your participation in any of our activities, please contact Margo Castro at 985-369-6386 or mcastro@agcenter.lsu.edu.

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