2019 LaSalle 4-H Advisory Council Meeting Minutes


  • Nelda Tarver
  • Phaedra Dorsey
  • Kristy Campbell
  • Daphanie Veillion
  • Taylor Veillion
  • Rebecca McLaurin
  • LaVone Boyd
  • Silas Cecil

The meeting of the LaSalle Parish 4-H Advisory Committee was called to order at 5:40 p.m. with a light meal being served.

Silas explained to the group that the last two-year’s Youth Advisory Committee were online and through a paper survey for members due to schedules. Next, he reviewed the changes that were implemented to parish programming as suggested by the advisory.

  • Based on LaSalle Parish Youth Advisory recommendations, two cookery contest were scheduled with cooking workshops to accompany each. Additionally, a Mega Cookie, Cheese Making, and Wildlife Workshop were scheduled.
  • Continuing to follow recommendations parish, no parish 4-H events were scheduled in December except a 4-H Movie Night via Jr. Leadership Club. These events were placed elsewhere on the calendar; youth participation increased.
  • In order to promote a sense of belonging and increase participation among 4-H members while providing an opportunity for Jr. Leader members to demonstrate leadership, the 4-H Pet Show was moved from November to September; youth participation increased.
  • Several suggestions identified the same theme of last year’s advisory process concern issues facing today’s LaSalle Parish youth included: social issues, bullying, and handling difficult situations. In response, the educational lessons taught during the 2018-2019 school 4-H club meetings were Social Emotional Health and Safety.

Next, the advisory was presented club enrollment numbers over the previous eight years. The enrollment was broken down by club and by grade.

Members were asked to consider areas effecting or issues facing youth in today’s community and list three items they felt important 4-H programming efforts could address.

Issues as perceived by the group included and number of occurrences:

  • Bad Things Time Management
  • Handling Difficult Situations Making Choices
  • Vaping – Healthy Decisions Ag Careers
  • Peer Pressure Knowing what to and not say

Lastly, the advisory was posed the question, “If you were in charge of 4-H in your parish, what would you change?”

  • Art Workshop Cooking Contest at Different Levels
  • Make 4-H known among older youth Regional Cookery
  • Regional Cookery More activities that are not out of school

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45.

2/26/2020 4:38:53 PM
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