New Ascension 4-H Shooting Sports Member Program Plan

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Hunter's Education Registration

New Member Hybrid Form

General Reasoning

  • The restrictions of social distancing has lead us to reevaluate our program capacity and therefore we restructured our New Member program to fit the constraints this year. Hopefully, we can blend the two programs in the following year.

Program Specifics

  • Registration fee for this program has been lowered to $15 this will cover supply costs and a t-shirt.
  • Registration will open on December 8th and close on December 16th
  • 4-H Enrollment Form (check with office), New Member Hybrid Form, 4-H Health Form, and Hunter’s Ed Form will be needed.

January 13th – One-hour session explaining:

  • Ascension 4-H Shooting Sports and General 4-H
  • General 4-H Website for Ascension
  • What we are offering these new members, how we will operate, and the location of the range.
  • Expectations of new members and their families.
  • Overview of project book “Safe Use of Guns”, portfolio (record book), and Shooter’s journal.
  • Sample of project book.

February 10th – One-hour classroom session or Hunter’s Education Course

  • Overview of equipment that we have and use.
  • Review safe gun handling
  • Possible activity from project book and review and fill out Shooter’s journal.
  • Activity assignment to be completed before following meeting.

February 28th – Meeting @ Range

  • Review assignments from previous meeting
  • Shoot competition style BB Gun and Air Pistol
  • Give assignment for next meeting, review and fill out Shooter’s Journal

April 25th – Meeting @ Range (Tentative Date)

  • Review assignments from previous meeting
  • Shoot shotgun and archery
  • Give assignments for next meeting, review and fill out Shooter’s Journal

May 16th – Meeting @ Range (Tentative Date)

  • Review assignments from previous meeting
  • Exhibition Day – Demonstration of skills
  • Fill out Shooter’s Journal and encourage it’s use into the following season.
  • Submit finished project book and portfolio (record book) for contest.
  • Program evaluations and invitation to be a returning Ascension 4-H Shooting Sports member.
12/9/2020 5:08:46 PM
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