2020 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Annual Report


EFNEP focuses on reaching limited-resource families to address the health disparities associated with poor nutrition due to poverty and access to healthy and affordable foods. EFNEP provides relevant and useful, hands-on nutrition education that changes behavior.

EFNEP continues to be as critically important and relevant today as it was at its inception in 1969. Participants learn and develop skills that lead to improved diets and better nutritional well-being. These improved lifestyle changes impact not only the individual participant but improves the nutritional quality of meals for their entire family.

EFNEP Making a Difference in Orleans

Paraprofessionals with LSU AgCenter’s EFNEP program in Orleans parish taught a series of EFNEP nutrition lessons which included "Food Safety". Participants indicated upon exit that they benefited from the food safety lesson and learned concepts that will help them keep food safe to eat for their families. They stated the following, "I learned the proper temperature of foods", "I love the freezer and refrigerator care tips," "I learned how to keep food safe by using a thermometer", and "food safety lesson was very informative to me, just knowing how bacteria multiplies in a short time, yuck". These comments made by participants show the relevance and need for food safety information taught through the EFNEP program.

More than 35% of Louisiana adults are obese and nearly 31% are physically inactive. As EFNEP is taught to participants, emphasis on making healthy food choices and exercising are top priority. Participants shared their comments about what they learned because of participating in a series of lessons. They made the following statements: "I love the fruit and vegetable wheel, I use it all the time," "we now take family walks, I learned how to add physical activity to your daily schedule", "I learned some good recipes for eating healthy", "exercise is important", I learned about all the protein choices that are available", "I learned how much dairy I am supposed to eat or drink", "how to eat healthy and choose healthier foods", "I am cooking more with vegetables", "eat more healthy, not a lot of food at one time", "I enjoy preparing some of the healthy recipes, that we learned in class", and I learned I need to eat more fruits and vegetables". All these comments and many more made by clients show how EFNEP is making a difference and affecting lives encouraging the adoption of healthy eating behaviors as a healthy lifestyle choice.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), contact your Orleans parish LSU AgCenter Extension Service office.

Bertina M. McGhee, Parish Chair & Area Nutrition Agent (EFNEP Supervisor)

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