Beehive Buzz: Inside Cabinet of a Slovenian Hive


Inside cabinet of a Slovenian Hive. Photo: Roy Stark.

Earlier editions of Beehive Buzz shared some information about the Slovenian hive built by Mr. Roy Stark, an experience beekeeper. This version of BHB looks at the Slovenian hive from the inside.

Roy provided an image of the interior of his new hive building and a narrative of how he created this design, “The wooden frame [for the Slovenian hive] is different. However, the foundation size is the same as a Langstroth deep [frame]. I buy the deep foundation and gently bend the foundation into the wooden Slovenian frame. Fits perfectly! The [Georgia] manufacturer…designed the frames so that it would convert easily. If one buys a Slovenian hive from overseas it would not fit.

Go to Drebbieville Hives™ on the internet and you can see where I purchased my Slovenian hive cabinets. The company designed the cabinets for the American market…I am convinced there will be other companies looking at the same. I am also convinced that the future of bee keeping in the US will eventually turn to this style of bee keeping. I am considering a trip to Slovenia to tour…beekeepers’ facilities. [I] will keep you advised.

Working from the rear of the hive, you open the cabinet door (inside of the building), and you see three screens covering the bottom two brood boxes and the top section which is the honey super. There is a queen excluder placed between the top brood box and the super. You remove the screen and then can pull the frames out for inspection. Imagine the heaviest weight you ever must pick up would be 9 or 10 # of honey from one frame. After 3 back surgeries I am no longer able to lift a box of honey weighing 80 to 100 lbs.”

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