Getting Ready for Back to School

Lee Ann Fields, Judd, Cathy S.

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Where did the summer go? School is starting soon. Are your children excited? There are a lot of concerns children have about their first day of school – riding the school bus, meeting new children, new teachers and other unpredictable worries. Parents can ease their worries with these eight tips modified from the Family Fun Magazine.

Ways To Reduce These Worries:

  • Familiarize your child with the school route: Draw a map of the route to school. Take a few practice walks together. If your child is riding the school bus, drive the route together a couple of times to ease the fear of riding the bus. Planning ahead can reduce the rushed mornings.
  • If this is your child’s first year to attend school, prepare them for the routine that will make the mornings run more smoothly. Make a chart for the child that has never attended school and for those who know the drill. Use a picture chart of their morning routine – getting dressed, eating breakfast, combing their hair, taking their backpack, etc. This chart should be created by you and your child. For children that don’t read yet, make the chart by using photos from magazines.
  • Make your child’s day special by sending notes in their lunch box. If you feel your child might be embarrassed by the notes, use a code for your lunchtime message. This could make the day go better by getting an encouraging word from you.
  • Send a photo of mom and dad to school with your child. This can be hidden in a secret compartment. This may give your child a little sense of security during the day. When your child is missing you, they can pull it out.
  • Make breakfast fun. Get up early enough to make a fun breakfast. Cook pancakes in the shape of a school house. Spend a little relaxed time with your child before they are off to school for the day.
  • Throw a bus stop party. Fill a wagon full of juices, muffins, and fruits for the children and parents waiting for the bus. Don’t forget to share with the bus driver!
  • Take a photo of your children holding a sign that reads, “First Day of School” and the year. This photo will remind them of the previous year (how they have changed) and will help them get ready for another school year.
  • Give your children an alarm clock. This will make your school child feel special and they may even get up on time. This will teach responsibility, too!

These few tips may help your first year school child have less stress about their new situation and prepare them for a new routine that will make the school year great. Have a good school year!

7/17/2017 7:52:28 PM
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