Safety While Exercising

Lee Ann Fields, Judd, Cathy S.

We know it is important to get daily exercise. We need about 150 minutes a week. In our daily chores there are many ways to get in a little exercise each day. When shopping, park a good distance from the business’ front door, which gives you more steps. Exaggerate getting clothes out of the dryer by really stretching to reach them. There is plenty of opportunity to get stretches in. Take the stairs when you can, as this helps you burn a few more calories. Our office is located on the third floor of the Police Jury Complex on Homer Street. I try to take the stairs several times a day. My heart is racing when I get to the top of the third floor, but I know this is good for me.

I like daylight savings time so when I get home from work, I have the opportunity to get in a little walking before dark. It saves time to have my clothes and shoes ready. I get home, hop in my clothes, throw on my socks and shoes and head out the door. One night last week there was a good bit of traffic when I was walking, and they never slowed down when they passed me.,The road I travel has narrow roadsides, rocks, and ditches.,There is just enough room to move over in some places if the grass is not too tall. I am afraid of what might be in the tall grass.

If you want to start a walking program, be safe. If you walk on a rural road like I do, take your cell phone and have an ID, especially if you are walking solo.,If you can walk with others, walk single file when traffic is coming your way.There are a lot of benefits of walking. It doesn’t cost much to get started. It requires a good pair of walking shoes and for summer, some cool clothing. Walking strengthens bones and muscles, helps to lose and/or maintain weight, lowers your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, and it can lift your mood.

Let your family know when and where you are walking.,I got caught in a thunder storm one time while walking so I was glad my husband knew where I was walking. He pulled up in beside me in the lightening and rain and asked if I wanted a ride. Glad he knows my walking route. If you walk at night, wear a reflective vest, bright colors, or lights that blink. Know the walking area; be aware of your surroundings. Cell phones can be so distracting to the point you are not aware of your surroundings. Know what is going on around you. Walkers should face oncoming traffic when walking. When crossing at an intersection, it is best to cross at the pedestrian crossing light. Make contact with the driver when crossings at a light. Get their attention, since there are so many things which distract a driver. Make sure the driver sees you. If you’re walking in a public area with bikers and joggers, beware of them. Bikers and joggers should have a bell or shout out which side they will be passing you. Keep your music low enough you can hear other walkers, traffic and bikers.

Make walking a habit. Schedule your walking time like you would a work, meeting or doctor’s appointment. Make walking a fun time with family and friends.Talking, catching up with your children and friends can make the time go by quickly. If you are a serious walker, walk with walkers that have the same skill and same speed, as you can make walking more enjoyable, too. Walking can make you feel good, look good, and live a healthy life!

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