2021-2022 Louisiana 4-H State Leadership Board(s) Application Packet

To hold membership on any one of the six statewide leadership boards is a great honor, but a larger responsibility. It is a job, a job that you must be committed to for the purpose of carrying out your duties and building trust amongst your fellow board members that you are reliable and can be counted on when needed. Your commitment needs to demonstrate that you are serving your community and fellow 4-H'ers. While membership on a Louisiana 4-H Leadership Board allows for teamwork, meeting new friends, connecting with old ones, the true purpose of a leader is to serve those in need, to train those who can follow in your footsteps, and to leave your positive mark not just on the 4-H program, but with younger 4-H members.

Leadership Board Objectives

  • Provide high quality leadership development opportunities for youth on parish, regional, and state levels.
  • Serve as an ambassador to promote the Louisiana 4-H Youth Development Program.
  • Increase the leadership life skills of board members and their level of servant leadership.
  • Provide an opportunity for youth to partner with adults for the enhancement and expansion of the 4-H Youth Development Program at all program levels.
  • Assist the Louisiana 4-H Youth Development with planning, implementing, and conducting high quality educational opportunities throughout the state.

General Membership Eligibility (each board may have additional eligibility requirements)

  • All board members must be in the 9th to 12th grade the year they are selected to serve.
  • Membership on all leadership boards is open to active and enrolled Louisiana 4-H members who have met all requirements and criteria as well as been selected through the printed and published selection process of that particular leadership board.
  • Leadership board advisors must advertise clear expectations of members prior to the selection process. Upon the submission of a leadership board application, and before board membership is accepted, each member, their parent/guardian, and Parish 4-H agent will have executed a contract to abide by expectations and requirements. Failure to sign the board contract will result in lack of consideration of an application.
  • Leadership board members not adhering to expectations will be dismissed from the board upon consultation with Program Leader and/or Department Head.
  • All leadership board members are expected to purchase at least a Louisiana 4-H Leadership Board name tag and pay registration and/or programmatic fees associated with the specific board activities, meetings, and/or functions.
  • A leadership board member must be an enrolled and active 4-H member by September 30th of the 4-H year prior to any participating in any board activities (meeting, training, workshop, etc.). Failure to renew membership by the designated date will result in removal from leadership board.
  • Leadership board members should plan to invest a minimum of $250 per person to participate on a board. This amount may vary based on fund raising efforts, amount of clothing/branding items, number of events and opportunities the member is participating in, and/or the amount of travel and travel related expenses they are involved in.

Membership, Tenure and Selection

  • Each parish may nominate up to three members per board.
  • Members may not serve on more than one board. If applying for more than one board, please indicate/rank on the application. This ranking will dictate which board you will serve on if you are accepted to multiple boards.
  • Tenure is one year for all boards except Shooting Sports. Shooting Sports Ambassadors are selected for a two-year term.
  • Current board members must reapply.

Members will be Required to

  • Attend regular board meetings to include but not limited to Summer and Winter State 4-H Leadership Board meetings.
  • Attend, help plan, and conduct board events as specified by each board.
  • Serve as state liaison in the region and parish they represent.
  • Acquire certification as camp counselor prior to working with youth as a State 4-H Leadership Board Member.
  • Check email for board announcements and updates.
  • Correspond promptly with advisors and officers.
  • Provide their own transportation and all or some funds for meetings and other scheduled events.
  • Members will be required to inform parish agents on board member’s proposed plans relative to the board.

Application Process

  • All applications must be submitted no later than May 5, 2021 by 4:30 p.m. Absolutely No Late Applications Will Be Accepted. Any missing section, unsigned contracts(s), or other information will be considered incomplete and removed from consideration.
  • 4-H members must submit all parts of the application for the board in which they are applying.
  • If you are applying for more than one board, you should submit different answers tailored to the board in which you are applying.
  • Applications will be submitted on-line.

If you are applying for multiple board you must rank by preference at the top of the application.

Complete your application online here

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