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Elizabeth Black, Fiser, Sandy

After selecting the default layout, you will see the following options at the top of the page, most of which you are likely already familiar with:

Sunrise Date: The date the article will appear on the live website.

Sunset Date: The date the article will disappear from the live website.

Save: Saves your changes to the page.

Preview: Allows you to view the page as it will appear on the website in its current saved state.

Publish: Makes the latest saved version of the page live on the website (after quick moderator review) as well as sends it an editor for further review. The unedited version remains live until it is replaced by the edited version.

Located on the right, the Status box shows the current state of your page: Saved, Waiting on Editor, Waiting on Reviewer, Waiting on Moderator, Declined, Published, etc.

2/2/2016 8:25:13 PM
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