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What You Should Know!

4-H University offers opportunities for youth from all over the state to come together and share their interests, talents and skills. How many other chances do you get to meet folks from all over the state?

One of the greatest experiences you’ll have is learning more about college life. You’ll stay in campus dorms, eat on and off campus, and visit campus sites like the bookstore, union and classrooms.

Meals are on-your-own and not included in the trip fees. Housing fees are determined by the number of occupants per room. Conference fees include: registration, housing, transportation and conference t-shirt.

Contestants at 4-H U will have a chance to tour a wide variety of campus facilities, including a working dairy, biomedical center and the Tiger athletic facilities. Clover College delegates attend workshops in a variety of on-campus facilities depending on the nature of the workshops.

Delegates select their own roommates if they have a preference, and every effort is made to assign rooms according to age and interests.

Delegates are supervised by extension agents and adult volunteers. Parents are welcome to join us! All adult volunteers are required to complete the AgCenter Overnight Chaperone Training Certification. Contact the 4-H Office for more details.

How Do I Sign Up?

For 4-H University delegates, complete the appropriate registration form listing your top three contest choices. Don’t forget to review the list of tours and lectures and rank them according to your preference. The sooner you submit your forms, the more likely you will get your top tour choices.

Once you have submitted the registration forms and conference fee deposit, agents will compare contest choices and select contestants to fill available openings. Members who have competed previously in a contest at 4-H U will be given first priority based on their experience and achievement. You will be notified as soon as possible and training schedules will be determined.

For Clover College delegates, simply complete the appropriate registration form, rank your track choices as indicated, and submit your form and conference fee deposit to the 4-H Office. The sooner you submit your forms, the more likely you will receive your first trace choice.

For Parent Volunteers, let us know as soon as possible that you plan to attend. There are a couple of forms we need you to submit, and we can give you the link to an online training module that you can complete at your convenience from your own computer. Once completed, just print a copy of the final certificate and drop it off at the 4-H Office.

4-H University offers something for everyone!

There are over 40 contests offered, Individual or Team competitions, and Tours & Fun-shops on and off campus. If you are interested in a contest, you should select one based on your past experience and skill level, as they are very competitive. You can only compete in one contest, and you will be trained by Extension Service staff to prepare for the event. A list of contests and awards is attached. Contact the 4-H Office for contact details and training guides.

You are also required to attend educational tours and fun-shops as part of your competition. YOU choose from a number of different options, which are all interesting and informative. A tentative list of all tours and lectures is attached.

The non-competitive tracks offer Clover College workshops, Interactive training, and Leadership & Teambuilding. If this is your first time attending 4-H U, or you do not qualify for a contest, Clover College is for YOU!

You’ll select a workshop to attend each day with other members from across the state who share your interests. The workshops are all interactive and offer opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as meet people and make new friends.

A list of all Clover College options is attached.





•Room (dormitory)

2 people per room….……$93.00

Single room…………..……$139.50

•Meals…………....($25/day) $100.00

(Not to be turned in—you manage your own funds for meals. You may bring snacks to keep in your room. Refrigeration is not available. A wide variety of food choices are available at the Student Union.)

$50 Deposit Due: May 15th

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