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This page shows official partnerships that the LSU Precision Ag Team have with companies that are helping our research program in On Farm Precision Experimentation. This allowed us to collect high data quality to perform big data AI analytics.

The main objective is to generate practical solutions for farmers in the state and in the World.

Ag Analytics

Our partnership with AgAnalytics started in 2018-19 by initiative of Dr. Gentimis. Since then the data availability is being very important for the development of our program. It is a honor for our LSU Precision Ag Team to be the first one to start as an University partner with Ag-analytics that is a pioneer and leader in data analytics and service provider for farmers across USA. The main objective in this partnership is to explore a big data set shared by farmers using deep and machine learning approaches to develop practical solutions to implement variable rate technology.

Holland Scientific

Our partnership with Holland Scientific is being strategic and very important for our program. It is also a honor for our LSU Precision Ag Team to be the only tester for the company that is a leader in the active crop canopy sensor development. The main objective in this partnership is to test and validate new proximal canopy sensors using experimental approaches before launching the sensor in the market.

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