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This effort is lead by our research partner Dr. Carlos A. Silva Junior from UNEMAT (Mato Grosso State University) in Brazil with our team collaboration. This is an amazing group effort using cloud computing and Google Earth Engine to map areas of Soybeans in Mato Grosso Brazil using satellite imagery. The great advantage of using this platform is that you can have an up to date estimation of planted areas in Brazil that is a big player in soybean production. The search can be by year and region/city. Historical precipitation, NDVI, EVI, Sentinel 2 imagery and other features that will help you to make decision making in various scales, and not using only for estimation of soybean planted areas. It is free and you just need to register. The version is in Portuguese, but the technical terms are standard and easy to understand. Soon we will have an English version. Knowing how much area and expected crop vigor can support strategic decisions for big corporations, that it will reflect on price of commodities and demand of fertilizers and products. If you have trouble with this embed feature in this website go to: Sojamaps.

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