Overview of Parents Preparing for Success Program

The Parents Preparing for Success Program (PPSP)  is a six-part series of classes provided for pregnant women or parents of children under the age of 12 months participating in the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. PPSP is a joint effort of Family Development and Family Resource Management faculties at the LSU AgCenter and the Southern University Research and Extension Center and is partially funded by the Louisiana Department of Social Services. PPSP is offered through Cooperative Extension offices in 50 parishes in Louisiana and serves approximately 900 families a year.

Goal of PPSP

The aim of the program is to equip participants with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient while transitioning from public assistance into the workforce. The goal of PPSP is to help strengthen parents’ understanding and skills in areas that are important for not only their personal success but also the future success of their young children.

Curriculum Content

Concepts included in the series of classes are related to issues encountered by almost all parents. The following are topics that make up the six lessons in the series:
  • Nurturing Your Baby
  • Your Family’s Budget
  • Caring for Your Baby
  • Cash Crises: Money Traps that Keep You Broke
  • Keeping Your Baby Safe
  • Making It on Your Own
  • Understanding Your Baby’s Development
  • Meeting Your Transportation & Child Care Needs: Making Wise Decisions
  • Preparing Your Baby for Success
  • Credit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Communication: Building Family Strengths
  • Raising Your Child Together
Parents' Comments

Reports from program participants have included very heartfelt comments.

“This lesson has helped me realize how important it is to spend my money wisely,” said one parent. Another recounted, “I learned how to budget my money, to set some good goals for the children and me.”

The lesson on the wise use of credit prompted a parent to report, “The lesson was very important for me, so that I can reestablish my credit.”

Always a "hot" topic is the lesson on child guidance. “I learned how to discipline my child without fussing, yelling and screaming at him,” wrote one young mother. This is a major accomplishment for any parent. “I learned that my baby will learn care as I care for him,” was the response of another mother regarding the lesson on nurturing your baby.

A very poignant moment was recorded by yet another parent when discussing the importance of early literacy and nurturing, “When I read to them, my children learn many things. When I hug, they feel love.”

For more information on PPSP, parenting, family resource management or other topics, contact Linda Robinson and Diane Sasser at the LSU AgCenter.
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