LaHouse building features (Throughout)

Termesh and Vapor barrier

Mortar and brick work

window installation

Througout the House

Termite Protections, varied options and levels:

  • Longest lasting chemical soil treatment under foundation
  • Steel mesh termite barriers at pipe penetrations and perimeter
  • Borate- or copper-treated wood products and foam insulation products used throughout outer building envelope
  • Penetrating borate sprayed on bottom 2 ft. of untreated interior wood walls, ends of ceiling joists
  • Copper azole-treated deck framing and rails
  • Non-metallic pressure-treated wood decking – eco-friendly
  • Foundation min. 8 in. above grade

Moisture Controls, varied options used:

  • Housewrap drainage plane installed shingle fashion
  • Drainage space between housewrap and cladding
  • Gasketed flashing panels or boots sealing each wall & roof penetration, shingle-fashion, with housewrap or roofing felt
  • Window, door sill and corner flashing
  • Window and door head flashing
  • Weep screeds or holes at base of exterior wall claddings
  • Decay-resistant materials
  • Moisture barriers between foundation and framing (to prevent wicking up to wood)
  • Exterior water vapor retarders
  • No vinyl wallpaper (breathable interior wall treatments)
  • Paperless drywall – flood-, termite- & mold-damage-resistant


  • PEX flexible piping
  • Fewer joints, fewer leaks, resistant to freeze breakage
  • Manifold layout provides faster hot water, saves energy
  • PEX fire sprinkler system – lower cost
  • PEX radiant floor heating system in master bath – efficiently warms cold tile in winter, radiant-heat comfort
  • On-demand hot water recirculating system
  • fast hot water, cuts water waste
  • activated by motion sensor in bathrooms, push button in kitchen

Advanced Wiring and Automation

  • Structured wiring for data, voice, video throughout house
  • Multi-cable with Cat 5, coaxial and fiber optics to “future-proof” home wiring, fast data, wide broadband
  • control center can be upgraded (closet under stairs)
  • security – video surveillance, intercom
  • safety & convenience – programmed lighting controls
  • wireless internet throughout house
  • home theater surround sound, music to BR & porches

Universal Design features:

  • clearances for wheelchair access, 5-ft. turning radius in kitchen and bathrooms
  • lower switches, higher outlets, offset controls for easy reach
  • multiple counter heights, knee space, toe space, removable cabinets

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