Housewraps (Weather-Resistive Barriers)

This strong, non-perforated housewrap (DOW Weathermate Plus) provides a reliable drainage plane and a semi-permeable vapor retarder that is recommended in a hot, humid climate.

Housewrap with crinkles similar to crepe paper (Tyvek Stuccowrap) creates a built-in drainage space to speed drainage. It will be covered with another layer of building paper, then stucco, to ensure an effective drainage plane when the stucco sticks to the building paper.

Housewrap can also form an exterior air barrier when laps are taped and the top and bottom are sealed with caulk or tape.

A non-perforated housewrap does not lose its water repelancy from surfactants that can leach from brick, mortar or wood.

Housewrap must be applied in shingle fashion so water drains to the outside.

The bottom of this housewrap is caulked to create the air barrier.

This strong, semi-permeable housewrap (Raven Rufco) is translucent, allowing workers to see framing. A perforated wrap is suitable for non-wood sidings that do not leach surfactants (vinyl, fiber cement).


LaHouse exhbits three types of housewrap -- or weather-resistive barriers -- with advantageous properties for the type of exterior cladding and conditions. Properly installed wraps provide a drainage plane that protects framing from moisture.   
8/12/2005 8:58:07 PM
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