HVAC, Ducts within Conditioned Space

The air handler and ducts are located within conditioned space (within insulation and air barrier envelope) to eliminate all losses, save energy and downsize A/C, saving money. The East wing HVAC is in unvented, cathedralized attic.

True ceiling above ductwork is sealed airtight.

Hard duct, centralized main trunk supplies to flex duct branches in open web trusses to rooms.

West wing upstairs duct is in dropped ceiling in hallway with insulated ceiling above it.

Downstairs west wing ducts are run through open-web ceiling joists between levels. The band joist of exterior walls will be sealed with spray foam insulation so the space between floors is truly within the air barrier skin and thermal (insulation) envelope of the building..

3/29/2007 10:18:27 PM
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