Do not harvest produce which is in contact with feces

1. Do not harvest produce which is in contact with feces. Depending on the area affected, remove fecal material and affected product, disk the field, or take some other action to limit the risks of contaminating adjacent fields and produce. Be sure anyone involved in the removal process washes their hands and cleans and sanitizes all tools used in the clean-up.

2. If only a portion of the field is impacted, consider establishing a buffer zone* so produce in close proximity to the site(s) of contamination is not harvested. The buffer zone radius should be based on crop type, irrigation or water applications such as rain that may cause splash, and extent of fecal contamination. Buffer zone size varies so consult industry and research publications to determine the buffer that is right for your farm.

*Note--If fecal contamination is identified in the field, several guidance documents may help establish a buffer zone to only harvest product which is at low risk for being contaminated. A minimum no-harvest buffer zone radius of 5 feet from the contaminated produce or feces should be established. This buffer zone may be increased, depending on the crop (ground crop), climate (heavy rainfall increasing splash radius), and contamination event (large wet feces more likely to splash).

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