Sheep and Goats

4-Hers with Sheep and Goat Projects:

  • Become familiar with how to apply animal science principles to live production
  • Establish strong foundation of knowledge in breeding and management, nutrition and animal health
  • Develop integrity, sportsmanship, decision-making capabilities and public speaking skills through participation in various beef and dairy project opportunities

4-H Sheep and Goat Project Types: (to come)

4-H Sheep and Goat Opportunities: (to come)

  • Parish, District, State, National Shows – Link to
  • Premier Exhibitor Contests - Link to LSU AgCenter Show Premier Exhibitor Page
  • Educational Clinics and Camps - Link to “blog” page
  • North American International Livestock Expo Trip – Link to event page
  • State Sheep Association Opportunities – Link to association pages

Supplemental Resources:

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