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Access the pretest here. This pretest is required and used by program coordinators to gauge learning outcomes. Your grades will not impact your certification. Use the pre and post-test grades to judge your improvement and learning retention.

LSU AgCenter Backyard Citrus Discussion Group

This is the discussion group for general questions, fun posts, and sharing about our citrus trees as a part of the LSU AgCenter Backyard Citrus Certificate Course.

You can find our Facebook discussion group here.

Citrus - Module 1.1 - Types and Characteristics

Citrus - Module 1.2 - Kumquats & Calamondins

Citrus Module 1.3 Satsumas

Citrus - Module 1.4 Mandarin, Tangerine, Tangelo

Citrus - Module 1.5 - Sweet Orange

Citrus - Module 1.6 - Pommelo & Grapefruit

Citrus - Module 1.7 - Lemon & Lime

Citrus - Module 1.8 - Rootstock & Dwarf Citrus

Citrus - Module 2.0 - Planting Your Citrus Tree

Citrus - 2.1 Growing Citrus in Containers

Citrus - Module 3.1 - Fertilizing & Watering

Citrus - Module 3.2 - Pruning

Espalier Training Citrus Trees

Citrus - Module 3.3 Weed Control & Mulching

Citrus - Module 4.1 - Asian Citrus Psyllid & Root Weevil

Citrus - Module 4.2 Pests - Leaf Miners & Orange Dog Caterpillar

Citrus - Module 4.3 - Pests - Leaf Footed Bug & Green Stinkbug

Citrus - Module 4.4 - Pests - Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs & Scale

Citrus - Module 4.5 - Pests - Mites & IPM

Citrus - Module 5.1 - Citrus Canker

Citrus - Module 5.2 - Citrus Greening HLB1

Citrus - Module 5.3 - Citrus Scab and Sweet Orange Scab

Citrus - Module 5.4 - Other Diseases Part 1

Citrus - Module 5.5 - Other Diseases Part 2

Post Citrus - Module 6.1 - Other Disorders - Bird, Thorn and Rodent Damage

Citrus - Module 6.2 - Puffy Fruit, Dry Fruit and Split Fruit

Citrus - Module 6.3 - Nutrient Deficiencies

Citrus - Module 6.4 - Freeze Protection & Damage

Posttest, evaluation and certificate

The posttest grades to judge your improvement and learning retention.

Click here toaccess the posttest and evaluation.

Backyard Citrus Certificate pdf

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